Directed annual survey campaign

Hey guys! I wanted to show off a project that I have been working on. This project centers around our annual 1 page form survey, that we like to send out to our contacts once a year. Throughout the year, we direct the survey at different customers, based on activity, or purchases of specific products.

I have built a campaign that allows for me to simply add new goals, and funnel contacts in for the survey!

Our campaign starts with goals connected to a passthrough sequence. This passthrough is an empty sequence, connected to a decision diamond. This passthrough sequence allows for me to add multiple start goals, throughout the year, without having to configure a decision diamond, every time.

Once the contact reaches the decision diamond, they are ran through a very simple rule, looking to see if the contact has our “2017survey” tag. If they do not have the tag, they are sent up to a sequence where the “2017survey” tag is applied, and a link to the survey is sent out.

If the contact has already been through the survey sequence , and manages to meet one of my other goals, they will hit the decision diamond and they will fall into the catcher sequence, for contacts who have already received.

I have also included a manual send goal, that will allow for me to manually drop contacts that I want, into the survey delivery sequence.

This campaign saves a bit of time for me, especially as I enter Q3 and Q4, as I am able to easily add goals that allow for us to target our survey, to specific contacts, that we feel will give us the best information!

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Nice! Well done James, and thanks for sharing.

Check out this video from one of my ICON presentations a few years ago - I talk about a similar strategy for this, and another hack you can use for decision diamonds!

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Nice. Excellent strategy in this video, and very easy to build. This campaign that you share is something that everyone should check out, as it showcases a great usage of decision diamonds.