Publish select data to a web interface

Any thoughts on the best option to allow non-users to “View, Filter, and Run” reports on data within the system; the individuals would not have any “Write” capabilities. However, it would be ideal if the individuals could “tag” a group of customers to track in a favorites list.

Are there any third-party apps/add-ons that may be beneficial?

@Tiffany_Parks, this can’t be done natively but you might take a look at Macanta

Yeah you won’t be able to do this out of the box other than sending a saved search or report via email, but that doesn’t work as you would expect.

Other tools like PlusThis, MyFusionionHelper have a google sheets thing that may be interesting for you.

I personally use zapier to add new rows to a Google Sheet.

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Just an add… If you’re a developer/programmer, put a cron job service with something like php in place and then you can use google charts or your own custom solution for reporting. We do this and we’re implementing the newly released REST triggers/hooks as well which are an awesome improvement.!/Rest_Hooks/listHooksUsingGET