Combining Data from Other Sources

Does anyone have any recommendations for programs to better report IS data that can be queried with data from another source as well? For example, I would like to pull data from IS and Google Sheets and query the two together.

Can you not export what you want from Infusionsoft into Google Sheets and use Google Sheets or Excel to build your reports? There are some fairly sophisticated BI platforms out there. The way we do it is that we have a team of data specialist that hook into APIs of our many internal platforms and dump the data into Looker to build dashboards and reports.

Hi Martin, thanks for the response. Yes, it is possible but as you know they are not the best BI programs.

How are collecting your Is data now? We are using Myfusionhelper to export data into google sheets but it only pulls data from an IS search. We would like to have a robust database program to handle all the data, real-time.

So, if I’m understanding the direction, you might consider Novak Solution’s DataWarehouse as it keeps an active AWS backup of your apps data.