External dashboard?

We’ve been working to create a really details dashboard for our Infusionsoft campaigns that will also hold data from google ads/analytics and a few other sources. We’re currently using Zapier to move Infusionsoft goal data (dates each was achieved) into a google sheets document that is feeding information into google data suite.

The formatting is coming out as ‘2021-02-18T00:00:00’ so we’re having a hard time using the data.

Does anybody know if there is any other platform that has a more native connection with Infusionsoft that we could use to capture data such as field values and goal conversions, and display them in graphs and charts with a front-end view for our client to use? Ideally we’d like to be able to sort by date ranges so having the goals date-stamped in some way is needed as well.


With multiple data sources I think google sheets is your best choice. I use that for any complex dashboard breakdowns that my clients need.

You can format the dates to make them easier to use:


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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your reply, good to know we’re already on the right track!

I’ll have a look at the zapier formatting feature as well.

One of the main issues we’re having, and it’s probably a google data suite-related issue, is that days where a goal isn’t recorded aren’t being tracked on the graph.

The only way I could think to set it up is to have each goal trigger a ‘Set Field Value’ process that enters the current date, which is exported to the google sheet and used by the data suite. This way we can see when each goal was completed so that data like ‘number of form entries in the last 7 days’ or ‘form entries between x and y dates’ can be tracked.

But if there isn’t a form entry on a certain day, the graph doesn’t show that day plotted on the x axis of the chart. Data suite may be outside of your area of expertise but do you think we’re approaching this correctly? Is there an alternative way to display the data with the same results?


You could set up a zap to run every night at 11:45p. It could pull the last line item from the google sheet. If the date=today, ignore. If the date<>today, then add a blank line item with the date (to be sure you have at least one entry per day). You could do the same process in a quick looping campaign. Set up a ‘dummy’ contact to record a blank line daily so you at least get a date entered.

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Thanks for getting back to me, these are certainly very interesting solutions. I’ll have to pass them on to my colleague who is working on the data to see what he thinks!

Thanks again,