Infusionsoft to Google Sheets

Hi there,

I work in real estate and we track our agents call volume on a weekly and all time basis. We currently use a google spreadsheet to input all sales metrics. I am trying to cut down on the amount of manual input required to present the main dashboard.

Currently on my Infusionsoft Dashboard - I have a widget with all call volume based on a custom report. WHat I would like to do, is when an agent records a specific call outcome or some sort of trigger - I’d like to add the Owner ID and contact ID to an input page on my spreadsheet - then I can pull the data to the dashboard. I have Zapier, but unfortunately, it will only check a contact and tag once. So if they make multiple contact attempts, it won’t add the contact the sheet again - which I need it to.

Any ideas on how I could automate this instead of pecking in the total calls each week?


Hi @Catherine_Roy, I would recommend checking out the Infusionsoft Marketplace for possible existing integrations that might work for you. Alternatively if there aren’t any options available, you can also find Developer Partners there who could further assist you.

One possible option:

In Infusionsoft your agents can create a note with a pre-defined Action Description (like “Close Sale”, 'Follow up Call", etc, whatever you deem necessary) when they finish a call as a way of recording their actions. In Zapier you can use the New Contact Action trigger on Infusionsoft and then Filter the Action Description for the pre-defined values. If the Action Description matches one of the pre-defined values, you can then log into the Google spreadsheet the ContactID and the ContactOwnerID from the Infusionsoft trigger. The filter will allow you to use notes for other purposes too, and you will log into the spreadsheet only what you want. You will log every pre-defined action that the agent records into the notes every single time it happens. Hope this helps.

I was working with Zapier and I came close. I set it create a new line every time a note was created. We use Turbodial which automatically creates notes when you select a call outcome - but if I set it to create a line everytime a note is created, it will count it as a call even when they are just updating the notes on their contact. Does that make sense? I only want to record some notes - not all. Thanks for the suggestion!

Hi Nicholas, thanks for taking the time to read my question. Do you have any developers you’d recommend?

To prevent a record being created every time, that is why you have to use a Zapier filter. The image bellow shows an example of a filter. You will put all the key words you want. It is a three step Zap: (1) Trigger on a new note created on Infusionsoft (2) Filter on the Action Description (3) Add a row to Google spreadsheet

@Catherine_Roy, You are welcome! I am a computer engineer with 29 years of experience developing software. If you need development with this, I can help. Just need to know which are the Action Descriptions or Note Text created by Turbodial that you want to log, that is if you have a way of differentiating them. Then I can build the integration in Zapier for you. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

@Catherine_Roy You’re welcome! All of our developers are great :smile:, I don’t have anyone specific that I would recommend.

Did anyone else’s Google Sheets’ Infusionsoft feed suddenly stop working today? I am making use of a script on Google Sheets which creates a web app via the HTTP POST in the campaign builder. It first started going idle and sending information in bursts and then it stopped completely. If anyone knows what could be causing this, your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.