Dashboard software to integrate with Keap Max Classic

We’ve been doing a lot of work on producing a dashboard for our client that includes the date of each goal conversion so that date range selections can be used to produce totals for any given goal. We’re currently using Google Sheets to hold the data and Google Data Suite to display it, with Zapier working to move the data from Keap Max Classic over into sheets.

We’ve hit a roadblock that has caused us to have to look elsewhere though, and I thought I’d ask the community what their thoughts are on the topic and if they have had any similar projects.

I’m looking for a dashboard platform that can work well with Keap Max Classic as well as integrate with other common platforms like Google Ads and Analytics.

I’m looking at Plecto and Klipfolio at the moment, the latter of which seems quite promising as it has a dedicated ‘Infusionsoft’ integration.

Any ideas or suggestions?


This software on the Keap Marketplace will report all of the sales and traffic source data from your Keap/Infusionsoft shopping cart, order forms, offline sales, and phone orders into Google Analytics Ecommerce GA4, Google Ads Conversion Tracking, Facebook Ads Conversion Tracking, and Bing Ads Conversion Tracking.