Connecting Keap to Google Data Studio

We are looking for ways to connect Keap to Google Data Studio for reporting purposes. Does anyone have recommendations for how they have connected these two systems, either by API or 3rd party service?

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After some cursory searching I only see one Connector for Data Studio to Keap, and they only offer a Keap connection as custom development on their higher tier plans.

Data Sources - Data Connector overview | Funnel via Google Data Studio Connect to Data

Any chance the awesome devs at Keap could build us an integration? It would be a great feature.

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Due to the immense pressure that Data Studio can put on APIs this is unlikely, but I will pass along the desire to our product manager.

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Create a saved search/report in Keap (I use Keap max Classic formerly Infusionsoft version). You can use PlusThis to auto download that saved search/report into a Google Doc. After you connect your Google doc sheet as a data source in Data studio, and get your dashboard how you want, you’re done. It’ll be a 100% automated to refresh the info on whatever schedule you’ve selected. :slightly_smiling_face:


You can use this 3rd party solution on the Keap Marketplace to get all your data (including all sales data with traffic source) into Google Analytics, and then you can read that data inside Google Data Studio.