Custom API or Tool to integrate data from 3rd party platforms to KEAP

I’m looking for a solution to integrate full data from Constant Contact, and/or Campaign Monitor to my Keap account. Zapier doesn’t have the ability to capture and transmit the data i want to feed into my KEAP account. Full open/click engagement an not just first click, shares, and general metrics. I also want to be able to use tags to fuel automations on both ends for either CC or CM and KEAP.
Has anyone found a solution for this yet? I know KEAP no longer supports dedicated IP’s so i would p[refer not to send email marketing from Keap, but I don’t like the manual transmission of engagement and the limitations with automated journeys due to that.

I am a huge fan of Make (formerly Integromat).

I haven’t used all their Constant Contact modules, but they have 45 different actions related to CC. Take a look and see if they would accomplish what you are looking for. I’ve migrated almost almost Zapier clients over here.