Integrate KEAP, Airtable, and Stripe for combined CRM and E Commerce

I am looking or a developer who can help me integrate AirTable, Stripe, and KEAP so that KEAP can be my CRM and Ecommerce platform. Most of my inventory data, pics, prices, etc… are already in Airtable and I have a Stripe account, and I have a KEAP account with my customers in it. Just need to bring it all together and connect to my existing domain. Any referrals on who could help remote for fee?

Hi Craig,

Try speaking to John Borelli as he has done numerous Keap Integrations -

If John cannot help you, then Keap Marketplace would be a second suggestion -

@Andy_Wroe / @Jeff_Arnold - Can you recommend any Keap API Developers you know?

Hey @Pav, thanks for pinging me.

This is the core of what we do … connect 3rd parties to Keap, using Keap as the core/hub of everything. Our Preferred connection tool is Make, as opposed to custom APIs or Zapier, but we could definitely help out.

Craig - ping me directly:
Or us the link in my signature to book a time.

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