Integrate with 2Checkout

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We want to be able to integrate from our Payment Gateway - 2Checkout - can someone help us determine how to do this integration please?


I looked for native and Zapier and even third party integrations from 2checkout to Infusionsoft and found nothing. They do have an api so one of us developers would be able to create the connection but I’m afraid I don’t see a simpler more immediate way. Maybe someone else will know of something.

Hi John! Thanks for the update - OK how does it go hire a developer to set-up the integration?

Hi, @Justin_Devonshire1,

I’d be happy to talk with you about the details. Upfront and so you know, when a payment system has to be integrated in this way, it works by a ‘middleware’ approach, meaning it doesn’t run directly “within” your Infusionsoft/Keap app but rather as a responder to update Infusionsoft with orders and payments so that the record of the sale and payment are registered in IS/Keap.

You can schedule an appointment with me using the following link. I’m working on some additional automations in my workflow so when you schedule, post back here so I can make sure that you get the followup information :wink:

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Hey! I could not book the call for some reason. Kept taking me to the unstuck screen:-) My email is

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I tried to book again and it did not book a call. I did not receive an email notification.

Please let me know how to book a call.

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I emailed you @Justin_Devonshire1. Had some appointments the past couple of days so sorry about just seeing this.

Hey John!
I mailed you twice. Hope you get it.

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