Not a Keap Expert - sorry if this is dumb. Report was using UA now it's dead

I apologize in advance if this is yet another newbie question about GA4 integration. My client set up a marketing campaign a few years ago and gave me access so that I can run a weekly report. The report tracks web forms submitted, reports delivered and reports downloaded prior to a host of possible actions. I only care about the report downloads.

I run a Google Data Studio report that tracks URLs that mirror the data in the Keap Marketing Report. I noticed the report downloads were dropping and saw a similar drop in Keap reports. I mistakenly thought our traffic (90%+ from Google Ads) was not downloading the reports for some reason since values from both reports were the same.

What I only just now discovered is that I did not update my GDS report to use GA4 data and the Universal Analytics data stopped Oct. 5. Turns out, that’s the same date the report volume drops off in Keap. So, Keap must be using UA data.

Is there a simple way to update Keap to use GA4 data or do I have to go through a third party like Attributer?

thanks for any help.