Lead Tracking

Hi there. I’m a Keap Max Classic User. I also use ActionStep for lead tracking, which generates a nice report, but it’s very manual and my team doesn’t consistently follow the process. I’m wondering if lead tracking would be more idiotproof with Keap and whether you can generate any decent reports with Keap. And whether is easier to keep a clean list so cold leads drop off. This is what we would call a compound question in the law. Sorry. Objection. But if anyone used Keap for tracking leads, I’d appreciate any general insight - good or bad. I pretty much use Keap just for email and FYF campaigns. Thanks.

You can track pretty much anything you want to. You can create custom fields for the various UTM codes that you’re tracking from your marketing and track all of the various aspects of where the leads are coming from. I have clients that track everything down to the actual ad the person clicked on.

Reporting functionality isn’t extremely robust inside the software, but you can export the data or feed it into some other system and then run reports from there. We do a lot of exports to Google sheets and then run analytics from there.

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