Custom Report Module

Keap, not Infusionsoft CRM question.
I was tasked to use Keap coming to my company. I’ve used many standard and non-standard CRM’s, and I wonder is Keap really a CRM, or a marketing tool with some CRM ability. I like a lot of things about the platform. It’s very easy to use. There are a few things I don’t like, like the ability to create company objects. But frankly, I never would have invested in Keap if I made the decision to purchase, because of the ineffective reporting module.

There are a number of reports that I’d like to make. Reports on rep activities and customer contacts for example. The majority of reports are related to web marketing.

Is there an outside report generator that integrates with Keap? Would you consider developing one? Of all the CRMs I’ve worked with, the report generator in has the most similar look and feel to Keap. It’s open source, so be free to look at it.

I would describe it as “CRM-lite”. I’ve only seen our marketing team use the term “CRM” used when describing Infusionsoft. Reporting and companies will be coming eventually. Keap is still moving in the direction of feature-parity with Infusionsoft.

Thank you Martin.