Dashboard that shows goal conversions?

Is there any dashboard service, native to Infusionsoft or third-party, that can show us the number of goal conversions between a custom date range?

We’re struggling to find a way to display this seemingly simple data to our client who doesn’t have access to the campaign builder itself.

It seems like a crucial piece of data that would need to be included in any dashboard but it’s impossible to find a solution. Any ideas?


Check out Graphly. They have some great dashboards with tons of flexible features for determine dates, etc. and they have a directly Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) integration.


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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve signed up and it already seems like one of the best solutions we’ve looked at yet. We might be signing up for a paid membership so hopefully it gives you a conversion from your link! :slight_smile:

Thanks again,

It’s more about sharing info, but if I can get a little summin’ summin’ for my time, why not?