Salesforce Infusionsoft Integration


We have connected our Infusionsoft to Salesforce using Zapier. We need to automate certain aspects of our sales teams duties.

They set tasks in Salesforce as to when they need to follow up with a customer. We want to automate these follow up tasks.
There are two follow ups that the sales team send depending on whether the opportunity in salesforce is Closed Won and Closed Lost.

Does anyone know how to do this?

You’d need to mirror the opportunity stage moves/status’ in Infusionsoft to take action (or apply tags based on the stages). Then you could kick off what automations you wanted. I know how to do it with code but it’s an assumption on my part that Zapier likely would allow you to do this as well.

Hi John, thanks for your reply.
As far as I am aware Zapier allow you to put code in.

It’s limited what languages can be used and if code is needed, PHP would not be usable in Zapier. So it depends on how much code is needed to do what.