Anyone solved how to create an opportunity in Infusionsoft from Zapier

Hi -

I am new to Infusionsoft, but experienced with Zapier and have integrated Hubspot and Activecampaign with no problems.

I am specifically seeking how I can use Zapier to create an opportunity as an Action in Infusionsoft.

I know the API can do it via API calls, but this is not what I would like to do ( ie a custom integration ). but if I have to, i will consider.

I am integrating it with Neto E-commerce, and neto is triggering the Zap, thus Infusionsoft must only perform an action


For clarity sake, you can’t “create an opportunity as an action” in Infusionsoft. They are completely independent things and function as such.

Since your question is from the ‘thinking’ of other products, maybe explaining what your impression of what an opportunity and an action are would help…it doesn’t sound like the perception is carrying over to the Infusionsoft definition of these things.

Hi @Mike_Ikotin,

:disappointed: It looks like Zapier doesn’t have a Zap Action that corresponds to Create an Opportunity. Custom may be the way to go.

This can be done with the api though?