Importing data from zapier to infusionsoft when no zap exists

Hi, I’m hoping someone can help.
We are using an AI app on our site that helps people select the correct product for them. They take a survey, then get a recommendation. At the end of the survey, they enter their email address and see the results.

I would like to send the email address and survey data collected from the app (Zoovu) to infusionsoft–enter a new contact, tagged with Zoovu and add the survey information in Notes.

Zoovu has a webhook, and I was able to get the data exported into zapier webhook capture and formatter but I can’t seem to map the information to get it into infusionsoft. I use a number of other zaps with infusionsoft that work just fine.

Does anyone do this kind of work or have suggestions?

Thank you!


What’s the issue with getting the data into Infusionsoft? Can you send some screenshots or a Loom video?



I hope this helps. Honestly, I’m way out of my element here. I can do normal zaps easily of course, but this is foreign to me.

The first thing I see is that in the email field that you are feeding to Infusionsoft you have the field valid in there twice, so it would be

Also, the email should be pulled from the Extraction Task, not data from the raw data, so when you go to choose that, instead of choosing data from the web hook, choose the output from the extraction task.



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Thank you! I’ll check it out. I appreciate your help.

Hi Jeff,
I have no other option. If your firm does this kind of work, I’d like to have you do it. Here’s the issue:
We are using Zoovu, which does not have a zap for infusionsoft, so it has to go through the zapier formatter first. As you saw, I don’t know how to do that. Zoovu is an online product selector.

My goal is to get the data from Zoovu into infusionsoft. All I want is the email address and to have two tags added: Zoovu, and another based on an answer in the Zoovu survey. It would be nice if I could get all the survey response questions into notes as well. Right now we are doing this manually. We just launched Zoovu yesterday and are getting a good response.

Please let me know if this is something you could do and rough cost.


My email is I’d prefer to switch to communicating there.

Pinged you via email