Create opportunity / deal via Zapier

Is there really no way to create a deal / opportunity via Zapier? I’m about to have a panic attack because, if not, I just got completely fucked by this sales team. :face_vomiting:

Currently I don’t believe that’s possible. I thought I heard that this will be dooable in the future, but the function to create a new deal into the pipeline from campaign builder (which is what you want as Zapier would apply a tag to contact, campaign builder would see this and then start automation) isn’t in currently (or to be 100% clear, not in my Sandbox that I’m looking at as I type).

Sorry I couldn’t give you better news, I would suggest reaching out and discussing this directly with support (I work for a Partner company, not Keap directly) as they might be able to give you better information.

All the best


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Thanks, Andy. Unfortunately, this looks like a non-starter for me. I’m waiting for my first onboarding session tomorrow but if there’s no way to resolve this I’m jumping over to Hubspot.

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