Creating Additional Reports using custom fields data

Hi there! We recently purchased IS and are excited to begin our coaching sessions and learn the full capabilities of the software!

As I’ve been doing my own research, training and learning, I noticed there doesn’t seem to be an way to easily create custom reports. Am I missing something? We will be adding custom fields to our opportunity tabs and would like to track most of them via reporting functionality.

We’re migrating from ACT, and though we have to take a lot of the data into excel, we’re able to string together the reports we need.

I’m, wondering what the best way to do this in IS would be? We’re in the remodeling business, so we want to track the designer and lead artisan (both will be custom dropdowns) in a report. This is just one example of what we’re looking to do. Any suggestions?

So far, I’ve found that tags could possibly work from reading this article: The Secret to Infusionsoft Reporting - Monkeypod Marketing

Also, it looks like we could use a third party integration such as graphly or report mojo.

If any of you have suggestions or advice on this it would be much appreciated. We’re hoping to be able to do this without a pricey integration if at all possible.


There are ways to build your own reports, and save them, allowing you to easily pull up searches and reports, with specific columns added to the saved report. Also, when you save reports, you have the ability to incorporate them into dashboard widgets.

Graphly and Report Mojo would be able to do some amazing compiling for you, also. I know I have heard plenty of good things about Graphly, in my time

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Hey, @Ryan_Rohlf. Just wanted to welcome you to the community!

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Can you elaborate on this? Or is that something we need to discuss with our coach?

We’re going to be adding a lot of custom fields and doing quite a bit of customization to our IS app, and any way we can create customized reported inside IS without needing to integrate a third party tool would be amazing.

This is something you may want to work with your coach on, as they will be able to give some best practice guidance on how to set up reports, in a nice, clean way.

To dig in just a bit, when you create custom fields for contact records, these fields are now available as ‘search criteria’ and also available as columns that you can choose to display on specific reports/searches.

Again, you may want to talk with your coach on this, as they will be able to get you started in the right direction of building custom reports and possibly dashboard widget reports, for your needs.


Awesome. Thanks, James! Excited to dig in. Looks like the amazing IS community is going to provide a lot of insight as well, long-term after our coaching and onboarding is complete. I really appreciate your comments!

Our team is uber excited to start using IS to its full potential! :slight_smile: