Customising a web Form

Hi Team, I am creating a webform that the sales team can use for meeting with prospects. I would like the webform to have radio/drop down’s that then lead into two more of the same. Firstly is this even possible? If it is where do I do it? See attached an example of what I would like. Drop Downs for Machine Types.pdf (15.6 KB)

Hi Ealesy,

I’ve seen a lot of questions similar to this and as far as I know, there aren’t any options in the way of building forms that adapt and change as you fill them in.

As I’m sure you’re aware, you could technically make this work with a series of fields with long drop-down lists, but I don’t think they’d be best to use when working with a prospect to enter their options.

If I were you, I’d likely list the options in a suitable way (like the PDF) and then have have a ‘Text Area’ field bound to a custom field like “Product Choice”. Submitting the form could then trigger a task assigned to the contact’s owner for them to then to read the notes and enter the correct details into the contact’s record.

Depending on the number of prospects, this may be the most effective way of delivering a professional selection process to prospects, at the expense of a minute of your sales person’s time later on.


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I would probably try setting up a Google Form and then use Zapier to connect it to Infusionsoft…that’s probably the cheapest solution. You could also post the job on upwork - it’s not a hard thing to build…just some scripting to show/hide divs based on click events. You might also consider building a mobile app if they are meeting with clients in the field.

This is an example of a google form and how you can select which area to jump to based on what radio button they choose. Might work for you?