Creating a Custom Webform Design?

Hello, all! I’d like to customize a Newsletter signup webform (on my home page) so that it more closely resembles my current website design. Specifically, two major things: 1) I’d like the field labels to the left to disappear (but keep the description inside the field), and 2) I’d like the Submit button to simply change to “Submitted!”, rather than moving to a separate Thank You page. After that, I’d like to tweak the design elements (font, color, field size, spacing, etc).

My coding skills are too limited. Any ideas?



So do you mean you are putting an IS form into your website or are you just referring to your own form on your website?

Thanks for your message, @john_borelli! I’m looking to put the webform on
my website home page.

So this would be significant changes involving HTML, CSS and Javascript/jQuery. A lot more than a general answer would provide.

There are several plugins to use if you are a WordPress user. FormLift, Gravity Forms + Zapier, the official opt-in plugin, thrive, take your pick


Hello Adrian,

We suggest below form plugins add-ons.

Gravity Forms - Infusionsoft Integration

Contact Form 7 - Infusionsoft Integration

Thanks & Regards,

@adrian_tobey and @hireweb - Thanks for your replies! My site is on Wix. Doesn’t look like there’s any good form plugins to integrate IS and Wix… :slightly_frowning_face:

Wix has a voting page for an integration: Wix Support

@martinc Thanks for the link! I happened to stumble upon it this morning and cast my vote. Now we wait…

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