Looking for expert to help customize the code for my webform opt in boxes

Hey guys, I’m redesigning my website and having 2 different issues with the lead opt-in boxes (webforms) we are trying to incorporate. Details: we are utilizing “OptinMonster” for some of our opt in boxes/bars, and the Wordpress Theme DIVI for other opt in boxes.

  1. Some of my opt in boxes have 2 radio buttons and the user must choose one (along with their name and email) in order to opt in. So these opt in boxes have been created in both OptIn Monster and DIVI using the Infusionsoft HTML code from the web form. Unfortunately, if the user does not select one of the radio buttons, it redirects them to an Infusionsoft wepage with the small webform on a big white screen and a little red error message telling them to select a radio button… we obviously want to make sure they aren’t redirected away from the website, but that they just get a prompt IN THE OPT IN BOX that selecting a radio button is a requirement (when they try to opt in without selecting one).

  2. There are a handful of issues on Mobile…

a) Cursor blinking outside of the text boxes making the user think they can’t type in their info.

b) You have to scroll down inside the opt in box to get to the name, email, and radio buttons BUT instead of the opt in box scrolling, the webpage behind it often scrolls making it difficult to get down to those items to enter your info.

I’m pretty sure that #1 above is an Infusionsoft Webform custom code issue/fix, and I’m hoping the mobile issues can also be addressed in that code. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or know anyone who can help customize the html code so everything works. Thanks!