Customization opt-in - Infusionsoft Wordpress plug-in


I need some help. I use Infusionsoft WP plug-in to build an opt-in form on our website. I set everything, but I am not happy with the design. I have a chance to write custom CSS code, but I do not know how this works. I know basics of CSS, but I do not know how to start and put the code in this plug-in.

Can somebody give me some example or some tutorial.



  1. Use the chrome extension Ctrl+Shift+C or Ctrl+Shift+I to point to the object you want to style and start making changes on-the-fly
  2. Start playing around with the properties until you get something you like
  3. Copy the declaration block(s) and paste it into the Custom CSS in the Design section.

Here is a tutorial

Here is an example declaration that changes the width on this exit fly-in and an image of what the Custom CSS text block looks like in the WordPress plugin.

.inf_infusionsoft .inf_flyin_2_fields.inf_infusionsoft_flyin_bottom_inline, .inf_infusionsoft .inf_flyin_1_field.inf_infusionsoft_flyin_bottom_inline {
     max-width: 600px;