Pop Up, Scrolling Optin Forms

Hey, I was wondering if Infusionsoft had the capacity to do similar forms as OptinMonster with:

  1. Scrolling banner with an offer in the footer

  2. Full Page pop-ups similar to Neil Patel / Quicksprout type blog opt-in forms.

  3. Detect when a user is about to leave and throw out a popup offer on pages to reduce abandonment rates

What methods have you used to accomplish the same thing? What software did you use? The default opt-in forms from Infusionsoft are lime green and use 90’s style gif art that looks too commercial rather than the aesthetically pleasing forms mentioned above.

Landing pages in IS restrict a lot of custom html content and Javascript otherwise this would be completely doable. I do recall reading a post of someone saying they had managed the popup but I’m guessing it was a script somewhere that they called via an image tag…just guessing though.

Ya, there’s infusionsoft scripts in particular for WordPress. A lot of it isn’t very modern in appearance though.