Australia format date

Could you please format the date to Australia

Do you mean DD/MM/YYYY, instead of MM/DD/YYYY? If InfusionSoft is going to change the date format, they should go ISO standard, YYYY/MM/DD.

When you are making dynamic content, you can easily change the format to whatever you want, and I think it’s obvious how. I assume you are asking about the format in the admin pages, like the “last emailed” field.

Please don’t change to YYYY/MM/DD – would rather it stay as is.

My main frustration is the dates do not align throughout the data.

Ie Screen Dashboard Task date shown 5/19/20

Tasks & Appointments in contact showing date 5/20/2020 5.45am

When click into the actual task its showing 5/19/20 3.45pm

How do I get all the dates to align please.


I see. It’s not showing you consistent information. Which one is correct? Maybe a timezone setting? I’m not sure how to fix this.