Date's issue - At a total loss!

We are sending a date to a date custom field via the API.

We have tried a number of different formats but we keep having an issue that if the day is under 12 then the date is showing wrong, so, for example, the date is showing as 10th June instead of 6th October

These are the comments from our API dev…

We are passing a string to the Infusionsoft API not a raw date. We are setting the date format before passing this as a string to the API.

We have now tried this in d-m-Y, Y-m-d and Y-d-m and none of them provide the expected result within Infusionsoft. However, it is only when we initially create the transaction and write to the contact. When we run the exact same code to update the contact it corrects the issue.

Would be awesome if we could get some guidance on this!


Try temporal: