DateTime Type Custom Field Value Format

Hello, We are trying to setting the custom field value of type DateTime.

We are setting the following value:

It is showing the wrong time in Infusionsoft Application. But when i query the same Contact, it showing the exact time that i posted.


Hi @ApiDev, the date time value that you provided is for the UTC time zone. Infusionsoft displays most of its date time fields in Eastern Time (currently EDT). If you were to provide the desired time zone in your date time value such as 2018-08-03T13:00:00.000-07:00 for PDT, it would save in the desired time zone and then display in EDT in the UI.

What if the custom field is just a date field with no time and you still pass a date time object?
Will INfusion ignore the time?

Using XML RPC there is only a date_time option not a date option only.
If I send a date_time object then custom field for date does not get set.
If I try to use date then XML RPC gives me an error saying there is no such object.

I have logged a date time that I am sending.
For example: 20211015T00:00:00
But custom date inside of infusion is blank.
No error is thrown.