How to update a datetime type custom field?

Hello All,
I have created a custom filed of date/time type. When I create a contact value in this field is inserted, But when I update the contact this field does not get updated. I have tried with many date time formats but does not able to update. Please let me know if some have done this before? or any have suggestions regarding this problem.

Hi Arvinder,

You should be able to to PATCH /contacts/{contactId} I tested this on my own application and it did update. Below is an example date/time custom field that I used. Please note that the time is rounded to the nearest 15 min value. For example 12:05 will round down to 12:00. Additionally, please take a look at the documentation here - Keap REST API
If you have any trouble please let us know.

“custom_fields”: [{
“id”: “{customFieldId}”,
“content”: “01-01-2018 12:01”

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