Infusionsoft Incorrect time

I’m using DataService.query service to query Contact table.
For testing purpose I logged in to Infusionsoft from web and created a new user. In browser it shows created time as " Wednesday, February 28, 2018 11:11:46 AM"
But when I query it from api using “DataService.query” it return created date as “Wed Feb 28 00:41:46 IST 2018”
These dates are not matching with each other.
Note: I’m doing this test from Kolkata/Asia TimeZone.

Any idea?

Hi @Ayendra_Bulathsingha, the timezone that is displayed in the application UI is dependent upon a user preference. You can see this if you go to your user preferences: User icon > Edit My Profile > Preferences > Calendar Time Zone. What time zone is set for your user?