Order Creation Dates no matching up

Hi Team,

I have an order created in Keap on the date of 6/9/2022 however when I do a look up via the api for orders created on that date, one particular order doesn’t show. Even though it’s showing in the clients orders as having being created on the 6th. When I call that single order using the ORDER ID via the api. The return json shows the order as being created on the 5th.

How is it possible that the order shows the order creation date as the 6th but in the api it’s represented as the 5th.

Help appreciated in understanding what could be going on here as I have an integration to an accounting package where correct sorting by date ranges in an important process.


Hi Pascal, Infusionsoft records the Dates in the Database in the United States - Eastern Standard Time (EST) Time Zone.

The Dates you see in your Infusionsoft Account would be set to your Time Zone, hence why you are seeing the difference here.

When querying via the API you will have to offset your Time Zone to EST Time.
Also make sure it can adjust to the Daylight Saving Time as well, as countries can differ when the clocks are adjusted.

Hope that helps.

Thank Pav that definitely helps and makes sense. I’ll make adjustments accordingly. Cheers Pascal