Order date changes when entering Date Shipped

Infusionsoft records Order date on moment of sale (e.g. 27/05/2020).
Upon entering Date Shipped this order date now changes to 26/05/2020 (i.e. it jumps to 1 day previous).
In the Orders list the order date is correct. Go in to the order however and the order date becomes the previous date, and that also is how it shows on the order printout…

Before KEAP, Infusionsoft never had this error.
What is going on and how can this be rectified?

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I got this email today from a KEP Customer Delight Representative:
" Great news: our maintenance release has been completed, including the resolution to your issue (ticket info below).

At this point, you should not encounter the issue within your Keap application.

If you do experience this issue or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our support , please visit our website by clicking here.

We sincerely appreciate your business and wish you the greatest success!

For reference, your support request details are below:

Ticket Title : order date changes on invoice when you add a custom field on the order,
Ticket Number : 02057888
**Your Application Name "

This ticket, that was created by the Infusionsoft/KEAP Chat person, lists ‘add a custom field’ and this was never the issue, the issue was POPULATING an existing custom field that had existed since we started with Infusionsoft… So I had to reply to them:

Dear Sir or Madam, the issue has not been resolved at all.
It is so easy to spot that this issue is not resolved, that I cannot understand why you write to me that it is.
Have a look yourself:
Orders/Order Id #29013
Order date listed 7/6/2020
Order:shipping date added 8/6/2020
In Order Information/Preview Invoice/ the Order Date is 6/6/2020.
On the invoice/receipt that customers receive the date jumped from 7th to 6th.
So this error is not resolved at all, no customer delight with the handling of this.