New invoices show wrong payment date

The new invoice payment date does not match the payment date being displayed on the order information screen.

I assume this is a bug. I wonder if this will be fixed anytime soon.

Please see the attachments.

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I’m “guessing” that might be because PayPal doesn’t confirm payment right away. We’ve seen delays with PayPal payments with a number of clients before. So the payment would originally be recorded as having been registered but not necessarily confirmed until later.

Hi John,
Thanks for the reply but the all information on the invoice were put manually by me. Paypal is just a dropdown option that I created myself.

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So you’re saying that when you manually created the order, it registered the wrong date?

Is it possible that you selected a different date when entering the order or the payment? I’m just asking here to eliminate possibilities, since I’ve been processing manual payments in Infusionsoft for many years and have never heard of that occurring.

I would contact support and open a ticket. A video showing it occur would help here and with them.

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Hi Camille,
Thanks for your reply.
The second image shows how the dates are entered in the system ( 19/07/2017) and first image displays how the payment is displayed within the NEW invoice.

The new invoice directly shows when the payment was entered into system and ignores the date selected when registering the payment.

OK, I see what you’re referring to now. The new invoice is ignoring the actual date you want the payment the payment was made and is instead displaying the date you ENTERED the payment. I have never personally seen this, but have now tested it in my own app and see the same thing.

I recommend calling support and getting this registered ASAP. I don’t see that this would impact a huge portion of users, since most are entering orders as they are made, but the ones that DO enter manual payments need the payment dates to reflect correctly when they send invoices to their customers.

This is interesting. I just checked on a payment that was paid by check and I logged the payment as made on the 12th but in looking at the receipt/invoice, it said it was paid on the 24th.

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This is what happens with the NEW invoices. If you switch back to OLD invoices than the registered payment dates work on the invoices.

@Kaan_Aksoy - I strongly recommend contacting support and having them send this up the chain. I can also, but since it’s not directly affecting me, it won’t have as big an impact as it will coming from you. Let us know the ticket number & we can get other cases created with the same issue (@Cheryl_Hunt).

I’ll report my case, too.

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