Reporting - Custom payment report shows double payments where there are none

I’m having a bit of trouble here - I need to have a report showing all of the payments received in any given month. I’m a VA and this report was already created prior to my coming on board. The problem with the report is that while it shows any refunds issued in the given month (which is fine), it then shows another payment received on the same day it was invoiced.
It’s kind of hard to explain, but here is a screenshot of what I mean:
Report Example

So although I’ve blacked out the customer name, it is the same person all 3 times. So a $47 payment was made for the given product on November 1, 2017. Then, a subsequent refund for the full $47 was issued on November 29, 2017. No further purchases were made, and so really this is just zeroed out - or it should be. But as you can see in the screenshot it’s not; so the $47 ends up being included in the grand total when it actually shouldn’t be. And this is just one example, I came across another 2 or 3 customers in this report where the same thing happened.

Now this is the first time I am working with the report, but the person who used to do this said she had the same issues as well - so it is not just for November.

I’m still learning InfusionSoft, so I’m wondering - is this simply a weird glitch that we just have to work around or is there possibly an issue with the way the report was initially set up?


That looks like it’s on a subscription, which, when showing as ‘not paid’ (which would happen on an adjustment) re-tries the subscription. Was this supposed to be a one off product or is it a subscription product?

It is a subscription, but we have the subscription set to inactive and the auto charge set to No.

Is there something else we should be doing?


Without seeing the reports and trail I would say to check the payment gateway or if by PayPal the possibility that the gateway wasn’t told that it is a subscription and is automatically doing it.

Likely because you are including “credits” in your report criteria…weirdly, IS ADDS this instead of subtracts it. Only use refunds and voids.