Subscription credits not showing on receipt notification emails nor in all sales report

I have some subscription items that I’ve added a credit to. The sub is $400 annually, and I’ve given a $49 credit. I manually invoiced one today that should have auto-billed in February but failed because of an expired card.

There’s two major problems:

  1. In the All Sales Report, it shows $400 under Amt paid column. When there’s a failed payment, that column shows $0. If I manually apply a payment in a one time purchase item for less than the Invoice total, it shows the amount of that payment, not the Invoice total. I’ve verified with my merchant that the card was only charged $351, so why does InfusionSoft show $400 in the All Sale Report and how can I change this?

  2. In the receipt email notification I send out, it shows only a regular $400 renewal, no mention of the credit at all. In that email template I use ~Invoice.PurchaseRows~ to display the purchase items. Why does the $49 credit not show and how can I change that?

All sales covers sales not payments. I get that one doesn’t think of something as a sale until it’s been paid however, that’s not the case in business because obviously some people can have different sales and payment models. So separately think of sales and payments as two different things to be reporting on. You’ll need the payments report to show payments and the sales report to show sales (paid or not).

Invoices do not show credits. Statements and receipts would but not invoices.

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Thank you for the reply John.

I can’t say that a credit being included in the Amt Paid column on the All Sales Report is intuitive.

Consider these three items in my report:

The top item is an auto-renew with a credit added to the sub. Amt Paid says the full $400. Not what I would think “credit” means.

Currently trying to get receipts to send instead of invoices. I’ll follow up with support on that. I remember a while ago opting against the receipts because of the lack of customization. Haven’t felt the need for one until now.

I wouldn’t say any of the reports are “intuitive” so I can certainly agree there. In fact, the way they are organized, they’re pretty difficult to really understand at all. Some will go with a third party service when the reporting is a matter of importance to them. Graphly and wicked reports are a couple of examples of products that some use.

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