How to disable order notifications?

I’ve followed these instructions Turning Off Infusionsoft Sending of Invoices - InfusedAddons Guides , but every customer is still getting confusing notification from Infusionsoft.

I just had this issue last week - Out of NO WHERE - Our Clients started receiving invoices - Of course, the first one being a Client that made a final payment of a $25 THOUSAND DOLLAR Invoice - Yet it showed only the last payment posted with a remaining balance!!

I contact IS and they said it’s a “Known Issue” and I was able to fix it as follows:

Under Quotes & Invoices
The prompt “Enable payment collection on Invoices” - Set that to “No”
I asked 2x if they were sure because to me, that field is simply stating (when you hover over the “?” is that it makes the Invoice Mobile responsive.

BUT - It did do the trick - It stopped the invoices from being sent out.


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Huge thanks! Looks like it did the trick for me as well.

My pleasure… @Sergey_Lucktinov

It was a bit frustrating as I said - Being it was a “Known Issue” - I was told it wasn’t a “big enough” issue to be placed on the Dashboard - I mean, I do understand - But in my situation, as mentioned, it just HAPPENED to be a Client that just paid off a $20k payment and the Invoice only reflected a mere $378.00 payment.

So now, I’ve added to my “Daily Tasks List” - Check Known Issues - Sure, I have time in my day to do that…I mean, it’s not hard but come on…

Sorry…vent mode - Tell me where to send the check for this brief therapy session.