Issue with Infusionsoft receipts not resolved for two months

We’ve had the same Infusionsoft issue for months - despite having the “default receipt from” and “default invoice from” email addresses set properly to for months, all customer receipts and invoices generated by Infusionsoft come from the email address of our primary Infusionsoft user for no discernible reason.

We have called Infusionsoft support no less than five times regarding this issue, and every time the support tech A) confirms that our settings are correct and B) passes the support case to “advanced support”, who then proceeds to not email us for days on end. Yesterday we got an email out of the blue from advanced support saying this issue was finally, at long last, resolved! (Ticket #00832383 from the “Customer Delight Team”).

And we find out today that no, it isn’t resolved - new customer receipts are still being sent from the email address of our primary Infusionsoft user.

For the love of pete, can someone at Infusionsoft actually fix this issue? It’s mind-blowing that it’s taken this long and is still broken, with a complete disconnect between tier 1 and tier 2 support.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @VicVol I want to apologize for the time it is taking for us to resolve this. I know our developers have been working towards a very specific solution, due to the nature of it.

Have you followed up with the email from advanced support, stating that you have still seen the issue? Replying to the email will ensure that the advanced support team receives the information, preventing you from needing to report to the chat/phone support team.

I will follow up with the advanced support team to ensure your case is back open with eyes on it.

Thanks James. Yes, advanced support is still aware we have the issue, and a new support person was assigned who has no idea what’s happening, again, and hasn’t responded yet to me pointing out that yes, it’s still an issue.

So the multi-month support problems continue. I’ll let you know if this is ever resolved. We’re hopeful that at some point this will be fixed.