App thinks that Infusionsoft Payments is enabled causing issues

Have a customer app that thinks that Infusionsoft Payments is a payment type option even though it’s unticked and never has been setup (not a US app). It seems to be causing errors when processing cards manually. How do I fix this? Chat support has been off all day and so I have no support available to me.

Hi Mark. Sorry you were unable to get into chat. I will look into why it would have been unavailable when I get into the office later today. I know our morning crew is getting in, so Chat should be available, and the phone queues are open. I would suggest ringing the line to present this and get it sent up to Advanced Support.

I eventually got on to Chat support last week, I didn’t have time when the phones were live. After 40 odd minutes of them not understanding the problem they raised a ticket. Will wait and see. I am also getting errors when adding credit cards into this app, so am keen to have it resolved.