API Create Task Due Date time not correct

Hey, I’m using the rest api to create tasks, but the time zones seem to be getting really strange.

When I create a task I set the due date in the following format:
Our account is configured for Pacific time UTC−07:00.

However, when I view created tasks the tasks show up with a due date UTC−10:00
For example, if I want to set a task for 2:00pm I set it as YYYY-MM-DDT14:00:00.000Z,
It sets correctly and the post request returns as shown, but when I view in infusionsoft the task
says the due date is 4:00am.

I absolutely can’t figure out where the mysterious 3 hours are coming from. Is this a bug, is IFS expecting a
very specific time format I don’t know about?

Anyways, and guidance on this would be very helpful.


Hello @Zachary_Nelson,

When storing dates via the api needs to be in a modified version of the iso 8601 format (but with no timezone designator, because all dates are in Eastern time in Infusionsoft, regardless of what timezone your app is in. So you can basically think of it like Eastern time is really UTC for infusionsoft. It calculates the difference between eastern timezone and your apps timezone. (in your case there is a -3 hours difference between eastern and pacific time zones)