IS there a way to set timezone via API?

Currently the only way that sets timezone in IS is zip code or using a hosted Infusionsoft Web form. Is there a way to set their timezone via the API so that even if i’m only collecting their basic info through a 3rd party source I can still get their timezone?

Or if any infusionsoft devs are in this group, do me a solid and add that functionality to the tracking code pretty please!


Adrian, This is a good question. I am hoping one of our community members might be able to help, but I am going to speak with one of our team members when he gets in the office to see if there is a solution for this, or if this is a feedback piece that we can send up to development.

Actually, I figured it out myself.

In the infusionsoft hosted webform, it’s quite hidden, but the following is added automatically to the beginning of the form when the page loads.

<input type="hidden" name="timeZone"/>

And the time zone is set according to the this library.

I was able to add this functionality to my third party web form service. And voila, problem solved.


Nice. This worked, thanks!