REST API Update contact date issue

Hi Guys,

Have you got any issues to update date field through REST API gateway ?

  • My system is using this SDK: GitHub - infusionsoft/infusionsoft-php: PHP client library for the Infusionsoft API.
  • Endpoint I am using “PATCH” /contact/{contactid}
  • My Infusionsoft timezone is GMT +10 Brisbane
  • After I save this format “Y-d-m” to a date field through REST API(been using that for 2 years without any issues), Infusionsoft portal system shows me “m-d-Y”. It should be “d-m-Y” in Australia and it has been working from last couple of years.

Was there a release been launched recently and caused it ?

Kind regards,

I have tested date format in ISO 8601 “YYYY-MM-DD”(2019-03-04, 4th of March) and tested it on “Keap REST API” . It works fine now.