Dates for International Users

When are Infusionsoft going to fix the rest of the date issues?
At the moment Invoices, tasks, opportunities and reporting are still on based on American Eastern Time.

Are you setting each contact’s timezone?

That doesnt have anything to do with it.
This is the internal date stamp system that ignores local user settings etc.
So for example if we create an invoice before 2pm in the afternoon, the invoice will be dated the prior day as American Eastern Time is still 1 day behind.
If we invoice after 2pm than the correct date will be issued as its after midnight in American Eastern Time.
This date system affects invoicing, tasks, opportunities and reporting.
It really gets nasty when you set a task but dont get the actual notification until the following day after its due to American Eastern time settings in ALL apps.

I know this doesn’t solve the real issue - but I suppose you could set the due date ahead the amount of time to equal the time difference.

That would work if Australia was always 1 day ahead…
But if its before 2pm Aussie time it is 1 day ahead and after 2pm it is the same date.
And then the 2pm cut off also changes to 3pm when daylight savings come into play.

And its not just invoices - its also tasks, opportunities and reporting as well.

You can set dates at Australian time - but the reporting system treats all dates as American Eastern time so its almost impossible to lookup todays activities.

Surely something like this would get fixed up before they go and make yet another change to the user interface…??

Yeah, not ideal at all for you, @Matthew_Jones :frowning: