Addressing Undeliverable Contacts

We have a list of over 700 very busy healthcare Practitioners in our contacts in Keap. These are people who very easily become “undeliverable” because they are so busy and not able to check emails. However, it is critically important that we are able to contact them with occasional email updates. While we have some that are hard bounces or opt-outs (not much we can do there other than remove them from the list) but there quite a number of them that are now marked “admin opt-outs”-- something we were forced to do in order to improve our email deliverability. Is there any way we can re-invigorate these email addresses so that we can try emailing them again to get their attention (we have something new and important to tell them!) without ruining our deliverability score/effectiveness?

Can we do an “action” to mass re-enroll/opt-in people who were admin opt-outs. . .just for the sake of seeing if we can entice them to “opt-in”?

thanks in advance for help on this!