Missing almost all contacts

I had over 1300 contacts and when I logged on tonight there are 186 total lifetime?

Hi @Julie_Christensen - that sounds VERY odd, unless you have a filter on your list then there are only a few possibilities. Either a user has deleted them OR a major error has occurred. I have NEVER in my years working on Keap and Infusionsoft had contacts ‘go missing’ if thats any comfort.

I would contact support immediately for them to look into this for you, their contact details are here

Sorry can’t be more help


Thanks Andy!

I’m not sure how it happened, but they restored them finally today.

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Hi Andy, I wonder if you could help me with something? I imported one of my sales team’s contacts yesterday, but when it came to the part where you have to match fields I did and no problem there; yet when I checked the other 9 in the list I wanted to change owner to owner and it filled with do not import and would not let me change it. Two - fold question… 1 Why? 2 Now do I have to go in and assign each contact to the owner manually? They may not all get put into a campaign per se just tasks for follow up I’m confused.

@Julie_Christensen- that sounds strange, unfortunately its one of those I’d have to see I can’t think why it wouldn’t allow you to assign fields it had prematched.

Best bet is talk to support.