Xero and Infusionsoft Integration

Hi Guys, I’m looking for a tool (or way) to sync my “Owed Amount” from my Xero customers to a custom field I created in Infusionsoft (“Amount Due”).

So for example, if a customer pays me 70% of the invoice value, I need the 30% unpaid amount (that is now “Owed Amount” in Xero) to be updated in Infusionsoft under “Amount Due”.

I’ve had a look at Workato but they are a bit expensive for startups.

Do you know of any tools I can use to get this done?

Would Zapier help your situation? Connect your Xero to Keap Max Classic integration in 2 minutes | Zapier

I believe that you have a specific requirement and maybe those integrations will not fit your needs exactly. The alternative is to develop your own solution or get a developer to implement it, but that may not be cheap.

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Thanks Pav. Zapier only goes to a certain point and doesn’t send the owed amount back to Infusionsoft to update. I’ll probably have to get a dev to help out. I know that Workato can do this but $249 per month is a bit steep for a single function.

Hey Ross!

You can check out Automate.io. It has numerous workflow templates for the Xero and Infusionsoft Integration.

It might certainly help you in integrating Xero and Infusionsoft with the particular use case you’re looking at.

Here’s where you can get started - https://automate.io/integration/infusionsoft/xero

Hope it helps you.