I cannot get my quickbooks and keap to sync

I’ve been in chat about this several times now and the latest was the most discouraging. They said there’s nothing they can do and to try the forums here for help. I’m about to be done with keap if I can’t get invoicing out, which isn’t what I want. Long story short, I pick up a quickbooks subscription to send the inoices from because keap can’t send sales tax. I was advised to get around it by using quickbooks and syncing them, except they’re not syncing. One invoice went through today but that’s it and they don’t seem to sync both directions, let alone at all. Looking for any help in this. Thanks


Is there a reason you’re convinced it’s keap related? What I mean is that Keap doesn’t have a QB integration so how would they be able to help with that?

QB and zapier have integrations that talk to keap and there are companies that manage custom integrations between the two but it’s not Keap that has anything to do with that.

That’s why they suggested the forum because they don’t know anything about those integrations and wouldn’t even be able to guess about them.

I would determine which one you’re using and get with them for support…unless of course, someone here has already encountered and resolved issues that match what you’re going through.