How does the Keap QuickBooks Integration work?


I’m wondering how the Keap QuickBooks integration works and what exactly it does? Keap’s website says it automatically syncs over all Invoices created in QuickBooks, but we’ve had over 600 QuickBooks invoices created since we last added the integration and not a single one of them has synced over. We also can’t use the “Reset Connection” link because it says “We could not resync your QuickBooks Online account. Please try again.” The HAR underneath this error shows a 403 Forbidden error.

We’ve been waiting on a response back from Keap support for almost month after they told us to reinstall the integration, and this integration has not been working as advertised since we first started using it the middle of July. We’ve even emailed them several times but they still aren’t replying.

If anybody has insight into how we can go about diagnosing this, it would be greatly appreciated :smiling_face:

Thank you!

I don’t know the ‘ins and outs’ of how the integration is built, but I do have a client using it successfully. However, the info only is feeding into her account as ‘deposit’ - with no name, etc. tied to it, so we are building her QBO integration through Make.