How can I update the $ value of a contact?

Hi there, I use a different system for my invoicing but would love to be able to see in infusionsoft how much each of my contact have been bringing in so I can do a better ROI tracking or at least automate it a little better.

How can I update the $ value in the contact - see attached screenshot and also is it possible to automatically get xero to update this information?
Thanks a lot!

Create an order then bill due is updated. if they pay for the order than amount paid is updated.

If I’m not using infusionsoft to invoice customers but an other program, is there a way to either manually enter $ value or automatically?

Depends on what you are using. A WP site using WooCommerce, for example, has an integration already. If it’s a system that does not have an IS integration then one of us developers would be needed to write the code to do it.

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