How do I set new contract signing targets ($ value and volume) inside Infusionsoft and track the results for new contract signings VS those Targets?

After the contract is signed, how do I measure what is being invoiced to the client over the term of the contract? (we will be exporting revenue data from Xero)

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I’m not sure that’s enough information (though not knowing means I’m not sure lol).

So how is contract information getting into IS to begin with. It could be from outside of IS, or internal with forms or manually entered etc. Then, what’s your billing process, because measuring something is going to require knowing how you’ve chosen to record that something and if you’re spreading payments or anything more than one time payments then it could change the answer to that as well. Exporting from zero and importing into infusionsoft is all good but specifically WHAT information. Not that accounting information isn’t obvious but the more details around your import the more possibilities around reporting.