Create a new invoice in Xero when created in KEAP MAX CLASSIC Via Zapier

Hi All - Has anyone got a solution to create an invoice in Xero when a new invoice is created in KEAP Max Classic?

I’m trying to use the ‘Keap Max Classic New Invoice’ Zap trigger that supports line items but there is no mapping option with the KEAP dropdowns in Zapier to allow for the ‘quantity’ section.

We currently use InvoiceSync which doesn’t work for us and need to replace it.

Thanks in advance for any help and advice. Best, Rhys

We found that using Make is a better solution for working with getting order data out of Keap (this is one of the reasons).
You may want to look at that (it’s cheaper, too). I’m both Zapier and Make certified and I prefer Make much more.


Many thanks for the suggestion Jeff. I’ll take a look at Make.