Automatically Mark Order As Paid When Purchase Made via Wordpress site

We have a site with monthly membership subscriptions. The site uses MemberPress and Stripe for payment. Using Zapier, I can create an order in Keap Max Classic for each successful transaction, but I cannot mark the invoice as paid. Resulting in the need to manually add a ‘manual payment’ to each invoice (hundreds), and the client gets a receipt from the website and one from Keap, causing confusion and fear of double billing (though it isn’t).

Does anyone know of a solution that I can either automate the order paid each time, or batch update in Keap while suppressing the extra receipt?

Thanks for any insight.


Work on the easy part first — inside the eCommerce - Settings area you can choose if you want receipts to be automatically sent. Set this to ‘no’ and they should not get an email notification of the transaction being completed.

If I recall correctly, Zapier doesn’t give you the option to create a ‘paid’ order — just the ability to create the order. So, you would have to set up the next step of your Zap as an API call and use actual API scripting to “create a payment” on the order.

More info on that:



Thanks Jeff! It took a bit of trial and error, but I was able to figure out how to get this done with zapier using the REST documentation. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

with the REST Api would i be able to stop a payment receipt from being sent once the payment gets added without having to turn off the email receipts option?